The Department of Geology contains labs and personnel studying stable isotope ecology, paleontology, macroevolutionary processes and history, etc. The links below will connect you to information about specific research labs:

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1/20/13 NPR article: Methane reserves on seafloor and lake bottoms starting to degas


Barnosky, Anthony D., et al. "Approaching a state shift in Earth/'s biosphere."Nature 486.7401 (2012): 52-58.

Barnosky et al. (2012): Interesting review of previous studies suggesting that the entire earth (ecosystems integrated across the biosphere) might be approaching a tipping point due to anthropogenic activity. In one sense, okay, everyone realizes this at some instinctive level, so is this anything new? However, I did find this pretty interesting, in the context that previous "tipping points" were all induced by large geochemical or planetary perturbations or events, whereas any future anthropogenic tipping point will be caused by an accumulation of small-scale changes (local deforestation, over-exploitation) that lead to large-scale cascading effects. Nothing terribly new here, but a sober wake-up call.